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The University of Maine is the state’s land-grant college established by the Morrill Act of 1862, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012.  Over the 150 years, land grants have educated millions of American citizens who otherwise might not have been able to afford college.  Over 100 major universities across the United States are thriving today because of the resources provided to them through the original land-grant program that was authorized by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862.

This past year, the University of Maine received the nation’s highest overall performance rating for a land-grant university by The Education Trust.  The University of Maine stood out from its peers for its commitment to equity and progress for all students seeking an education.

The University of Maine Foundation proudly supports the University’s achievements in access, public service, research and development.  Through endowed scholarships, you help give students the gift of a more affordable higher education.  You help them reach new and unexpected places.  You cast light on and lift up students who might otherwise not have the opportunity for higher education.

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